Before MRI Scans

Patients may take all normal medications unless given special instructions by treating physician. Patients should remove all metallic objects including any jewelry, hair clips, removable hearing aids, dentures, and other prosthetic devices.

For head scans, we recommend that all makeup be removed prior to appointment.

Alert! Patients who have any of the following cannot have an MR scan done:

  • Inner ear implants
  • Cerebral aneurysm clips
  • Bio or neurostimulators
  • Cardiac pacemaker

Preparation is needed for the following:

Abdomen, Pelvic Scans
If appointment is scheduled in the morning – Patient should not eat or drink (NPO) after midnight.
If appointment is scheduled in the afternoon – Patient should not eat or drink 6 hours prior to exam.

* Patients should arrive 1 hour prior to scheduled exam to drink Barium.

Iodine Contrast Exams
Patients who are allergic to Iodine must be pre-medicated before exam by referring physician.

Alert! Patients who are diabetic and taking Glucophage and/or Glucovance must be off the medication the day prior to scheduled exam and two days after the exam.

Patients who are 55 years of age and over, with diabetes, and/or have kidney problems must have a recent Bun and Creatine blood test done prior to scheduled CT exam.

Please download and fill out the following form before your MRI appointment: MRI History and Screening Form