Before CT Scans

No preparation is needed for the following scans (if contrast is not indicated):

  • Head
  • Sinus
  • Spine
  • Joints
  • Extremeties

Preparation is needed for the following:

Abdomen, Pelvic Scans

If appointment is scheduled in the morning – Patient should not eat or drink (NPO) after midnight.

If appointment is scheduled in the afternoon – Patient should not eat or drink 6 hours prior to exam.

*Patients should arrive 1 hour prior to scheduled exam to drink Barium.

Iodine Contrast Exams

Patients who are allergic to Iodine must be pre-medicated before exam by referring physician.

Alert! Patients who are diabetic and taking Glucophage and/or Glucovance must be off the medication the day prior to scheduled exam and two days after the exam.

Patients who are 55 years of age and over, with diabetes, and/or have kidney problems must have a recent Bun and Creatine blood test done prior to scheduled CT exam.

Please download and fill out this form before your CT scan appointment: CT and IV History and Screening Form